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Name:Christine Marie White
Company:Finding Love Academy
Title:Founder, Mentor, Instructor
Address:2451 N. McMullen Booth Rd. Clearwater, Florida
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-415-0464
Cell No:727-415-0464
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Christine Marie White
Founder of the Finding Love Academy and IntegrityDating Club. Creator of the Finding Love Success System.


Help Singles Find Love with New and Innovative Dating... 

IntegrityDating and the  Integrity Singles Club!

We are on a mission to create a movement across America. We are providing singles with a new dating scene based on healthy values (IntegrityDating). We are starting in the Tampa Bay area and will spread out from there. 

As IntegrityDating spreads it will help reduce the statistics of divorces and broken homes, unplanned pregnancies and abortions, teens and tweens having oral sex and the spread of sexually transmitted diseases, first in the Tampa Bay area and beyond. 

Hi, I'm Christine Marie White, creator of the Finding Love Success System, the Finding Love Academy and the Integrity Singles Club. I was just like you for 40 years. I was confused and frustrated with an outdated dating scene. Now, because of my new Finding Love System, I am happily married and teaching it to singles like you. 

You are about to discover new and innovative approaches for dating and finding love. When you learn the Finding Love Success System you will be able to attract, evaluate, date and connect deeply with the perfect person for you. 

Have fun attending Integrity Singles Club events, be supported and encouraged by like-minded singles. 

* I Am Looking for Your Help to Find These...

Coaches, instructors and other positions to train for full and part-time.

Clubs, businesses, groups, organizations, churches, schools, and individuals to help me locate singles in the Tampa Bay area who are looking for love and marriage.

Speaking engagements. 

Who do you know that is single? 

Please send me their name, email and phone number so I can contact them. Thank you for helping make Tampa Bay a more loving place!

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Phone: 727-415-0464
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