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Name:Christine Marie White
Company:IntegrityDating Movement
Title:Founder, Leader, IntegrityDating Creator, Coach
Address:2650 Countryside Blvd.
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-415-0464
Cell No:727-415-0464
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Christine Marie White
Author, Speaker, Founder of the IntegrityDating Club and Creator of the IntegrityDating process

Hi, I'm Christine Marie White, an author of several published books, creator of the new IntegrityDating process and founder of the IntegrityDating Movement. I view myself as an educating, encouraging and inspiring speaker. 

Please consider inviting me to speak at your next event. I am an expert on anything to do with dating, finding love, male/female relationships, how to find love in a hookup culture, dating warning signs, dating in the workplace, and strong, successful, professional women unable to find love. 

As well as, building self-confidence, how to recognize your perfect partner, law of attraction, how to be happy no matter what,  how to use happiness to attract love, money and health into your life, and much more. 

With my movement we are helping parents, grandparents, teachers and those who influence children how to protect them from America's hookup culture. 

Let's discuss a life-changing topic that will excite your club, group, church, school, business or organization to become a better person by what they have learned and been inspired by. 

Discover what I do as well as innovative, new dating breakthroughs! The IntegrityDating process and movement are cutting-edge and cannot be found anywhere else in the world! 

IntegrityDating Movement

  The Answer to America's Hookup Culture!

You can learn more here

YouTube Channel: IntegrityDating Movement



Are You Afraid You May Be Alone Forever; 

Never Finding True, Committed, Lasting Love?

Do you keep running into singles who are content with casual sex, friends-with-benefits and hookups? Are you wondering where to find those who want a serious relationship with love, monogamy and marriage?

In the IntegrityDating Club you will find all our positive, happy members are like-minded; desiring relationships with love, monogamy and long-term commitment. 

As a member, you will have lifetime access to all the IntegrityDating online courses, group and personal coaching to perfect your new dating skills, and fun events for interacting, encouraging, sharing, supporting and building friendships with other members.

Getting started is easy!

1.      Call or email me

2.      Share your story with me – I would love to hear it!

3.      We decide if the club will be a good place for you


You could be in the arms of your perfect partner without years of searching, searching and more searching!

Following the innovative new IntegrityDating process you will eliminate competition, breakups, and the confusing dating and hookup scenes. Set yourself free by following a dating process that is based on healthy values and will lead you from meeting to marriage in 5-easy steps!

Over the years we saw courtship disappear and soon after we saw dating with healthy values overtaken by the hookup culture. Most singles today, who say they are dating, are really hooking-up. 

So, I created the IntegrityDating process and the IntegrityDating Club. I have a mission and goal to replace America’s hookup culture with an IntegrityDating culture, bringing healthy values and important guidelines back to dating and finding love.

Need a Speaker? Please call or email me about a speaking engagement! 

Need more info on IntegrityDating, the movement or the Club? Call or email to share your story with me and discover if the club is a good fit. 


YouTube Channel: IntegrityDating Movement

Phone: 727-415-0464


Would You Like to Help?  

I am training coaches, instructors, assistants and more!

Call me: 727-415-0464
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