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Name:Christine Marie White
Company:Finding Love Club
Title:Author, Speaker, Founder/CEO
Address:2451 McMullen Booth Rd. Suite 209 Clearwater, Fl 33759
Country:United States of America
Phone No:727-415-0464
Cell No:727-415-0464
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Christine Marie White
Author, Inspirational & Transformational Speaker, Finding Love Mentor, Founder of Finding Love Solutions

Looking for a Speaker Who Will Forever Change Your Audience?

Hello, I’m Christine Marie White, and I would love to take your audience into and through a life-changing transformation right in their seats! They will go home changed and better than they came... and excited about using the rest of the love ideas over the next few days. 

My passion and goal is to help everyone realize that their most important calling and purpose on this earth is To Love and Be Loved! If you want to love yourself deeply and fully and to have someone else love you with a deep committed love, there are certain things you must be doing. Do You know what they are? Are you doing them consistently?

In my quest for love, I learned how everyone can be happily in love, no matter what situation they are in right now. Let's talk about the many aspects of love your audience can be experiencing to be fulfilled every day. 

Invite me to share my book & story with your audience. I would love to touch their heart and life with love! Everyone could use a little more love! Right?


Tell Me More About Christine 

Christine is a passionate, inspirational and transformational speaker, author and leader. Her heart’s desire is to share with others that their highest calling and purpose in life is To Love and Be Loved. She is a pioneer in the dating industry with her innovative new Finding Love Success System, Movement and Club.

Christine is offering a new path for singles who wish to date with healthy values. To attract love, she teaches them to use both the amazing power of their heart and quantum physics science. She brings singles the education and inspiration they need to make the transformation they desire to be successful in finding their perfect partner.

Christine’s own story of low self-esteem, self-worth and self-confidence, created from a list of failed love relationships and confusing dating scene, inspired her passion to help other singles. Early in her research and study she realized the positive principles of courtship and dating with healthy values were being lost to recreational dating and America’s hookup culture.

Concerned for the future of dating with healthy values, she was inspired to create the innovative new Integrity Dating progression which is an important part of the Finding Love Success System.

Christine married her perfect partner and Mr. Right after progressing through her Finding Love Success System in 2010. Her husband, Jerry White, gives this process his stamp of approval and states it is, Man Approved! Christine and Jerry are living their Happily Ever After in the Tampa bay area.

As leader of the Finding Love Movement, Christine is changing the lives of frustrated singles in many ways, one of them is by giving away her book, To Love and Be Loved! She asks for you to catch the vision to bring integrity, respect and healthy values back to dating! Invest in someone. Pay a Book Forward, To Love and Be Loved. Then get them watching the life changing videos on her "Finding Love Solutions" YouTube channel.

Thank you for helping yourself, your family, friends and community to follow their heart, find love using science and follow the Integrity Dating process for dating with healthy values! When you change, there is a ripple-effect, and others change also! Thank you for being an example and for starting a ripple in your community!

Call or email to set up a speaking engagement or to pick up your free, autographed, copy of To Love and Be Loved from her office in Clearwater... or for any other reason. Christine would love to hear from you!

Christine Marie White   

Phone: 727-415-0464   

Email: Christine@FindingLove.Club 

YouTube Videos: Finding Love Solutions

The Finding Love Success System Books

1. To Love and Be Loved: Reach Your Highest Calling and Purpose

2. The Secrets to Integrity Dating: Where She is the Prize and He is the Hero

3. Is She the One: The Secrets to Discovering Your Perfect Partner

4. Is He the One: The Secrets to Discovering Your Mr. Right

5. How to Be Irresistible to Men Without Before Having Sex: Over 170 Tips, Techniques, and Secrets for Captivating a Man's Heart  (No Using or Manipulating)
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